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Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's all about the nose

And indeed the nose, one of the most underappreciated of our senses, is the theme of this blog entry.

One reason is because i'm currently in midst of possible flu. I'm not so much sick, as irritated, because my nose keeps running the 2.4 without me, and I have to have a box of tissue on hand just in case something crosses the finish line.

Man this sucks.

And maybe one reason why is because of the stink emanating from some of the guys' rooms below us.

Imagine perspiration, stale clothing, decaying food and other olfactory horrors rolled up into one double room. I truly dunno how some of these guys live with that kind of stench. I know they trained to live in the jungle for weeks on end with no clean underwear, but f'godssake! There are other clean, hygiene-loving people living in this block as well!

One horror in particular is this one room which is next to the kitchen.

One time, long ago, I was walking past their room to get to my room, and the door was open at the time.

At first, I was walking in clean, fresh air. Suddenly, when I walked past their open doorway, the stale stench hit me.

BLEAH!!!!! Never in all my life I have seen/smelt a room that was so STINK! And since their door was open, I could clearly see the piles of clothing strewn all over the floor and bed that was clearly contributing to the smell! What a blardy cesspit!

[thank goodness I didn't see other unmentionables.......]

So I hurriedly walked past, and lo and behold, the minute I walked past their doorway, the clean air returned to my nose. So apparently the smell was so bad it was almost creating its own force field around the room.

NVM. I went back and ranted to Yenn about that room.

A week later, Yenn and her sister walked past that same corridor, to curiously peek [and smell] that same room. And then they came into the room, and asked me whether it was the one that was 2 doors down from the kitchen.

"Huh? No, it was the one right beside the kitchen."

"Huh?? The one we smelt was 2 doors down from the kitchen!"

So now the Dark Force is even spreading to other rooms........ The power is strong, this one........

[Can I stress here that none of us ever purposely walked near the rooms, or even tried to enter them? All these were smelt just by walking along the corridors like ordinary folk. These people should be fined for air pollution or something...]

Now just yesterday, I went down to the kitchen in the morning to fill up the hot water flask for breakfast.

Just as I was approaching the kitchen, [and half contemplating whether I should go near their rooms, just to see/smell whether the stink was just as bad] THE SMELL HIT ME.

This time I wasn't even near their rooms. Heck, I wasn't even AT the kitchen. I was just APPROACHING the kitchen. AND THE STINK WAS ALREADY THERE.

So the force field had now extended its boundaries BEYOND their room. Still, not so bad. You know what was the best part?

THEIR BLARDY DOOR WAS CLOSED SHUT. THE SMELL WAS EXTENDING BEYOND THEIR ROOM, EVEN WITH THE DOOR SHUT. How da af do some human beings even LIVE in such conditions you tell me??????

This one really took the cake. So maybe that's the reason for my runny nose. My nose has automatically gone into detox mode with all the olfactory tortures I've been subjecting it to, and now it's frantically washing itself out to purge it of all the disgusting stuff that's been lodged in it.

Next time I approach THAT room, or even the kitchen for that matter, I'm going armed with air fresheners...............


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Aki Tan said...

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Anonymous said...

I've down with the flu too... there's a bug going around the SV and on campus...