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Friday, July 15, 2005

Way cool, the miseducators blog got tomorrowed! :)

I thought something was up when I saw 6 comments on my latest entry........

But aside from the pompous glee [my blog got tomorrowed! mwahahahahaha!] it was great to see the couple of comments and emails I got from other people, especially those who had been teaching, or those who were able to enter teaching.

And this is the purpose for which I created the Miseducators blog. So that I could 1] let off steam about my work. Haha, who doesn't? and 2] to also garner responses from others in teaching and 3] to let others know about the true face of teaching. [you think teachers just stand up in front of a class and talk? It's not that simple!]

So I sincerely hope I'll be able to keep this blog going. :) If nothing else, it'll become a form of occupational therapy for me.......

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