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Monday, July 11, 2005

My mentor teacher was on MC on Friday.

This Monday, she was also on MC and rumours I heard say that she may be on MC the entire week. Not to mention, my 2nd mentor was also sick.

So I had to relief 2 teachers' classes. And help my mentor mark some work after school.

I may just have been inadvertantly plunged into full-scale teaching.


Ok, I'm done :p

But it was hard today, since I got another throat infection [my old lao mao ping, which I may have accidentally passed to Yenn. Oops] and I could barely raise my voice. Not to mention the boys today were havock.

I ended up buying a whistle from the Neko Pri. Bookshop to compensate for this. (^!) Which kinda worked, but was no substitute for good old fashioned ranting when scoldings had to be done.

Now I'm just drinking all the hot water and honey lime I can.

*Groan* Sore throats. A teacher's worse ailment. Ganbatte, yenn-san...

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