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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Another spring cleaning.... Groan

Yup, looking around at the masses of 'things' and the colonies of dustballs that were created in my room, I decided to unleash a holy act of god and sweep them all clean from my room.

After cleaning up the usual obvious mess on the floors and tables, I decided to start on a part of my room that had never been touched before. This was a particular shelf on my gray cabinet that I used for stationery and old toys, and I wanted to clear it out to make more space for my expanding collection of manga and books.

Good gravy god. What did I unleash?

For starters, you have to know one thing about my parents. Other parents bought home toys and stuff for their kids. My parents bought me stationery, because one, it was 'free' from the office, and two, because for practicality's sake, stationery was the one thing I, being in school, was always in need of.

So from Primary to Secondary to JC, my stationery needs were all fulfilled by my parents, except for some emergencies where I had to buy pens from the co-op, or where I wanted cute coloured pens. By the time I got to NUS, I received a lot of free stationery from all the orientation activities I was involved in, and I never had to buy stationery then.

So all my stationery just laid there, in that one shelf, until today, when I decided to clear it out. I wanted to reuse the stationery in nie, since a lot of it was unused and I didn't like to throw away good stuff.

And then I realised.......... Just how much stationery I had. Which was enough for me, Yenn, and possibly my entire hostel block. (^^!)

I uncovered, during my clearing-out:

- Almost 20-30 pens
- About 40 pencils [included in this number are 2 whole unopened boxes of 2Bs]
- About 15 highlighters [i think] of at least 3 different colours
- 1 box of binder clips
- 1 box of paper clips
- 3 packets of index tabs [those coloured stickers you paste on your pages]

And that was just the normal stationery stuff. (^^!) Here are some of the more 'exotic' stuff I found:

- Thin rolls of heavy duty tape
- A metre of raffia string
- A box of coloured chalk [some art set, long time ago]
- 15 small paintbrushes
- A [working] torchlight
- 2 leather [possibly fake] name card holders
- A old foundation holder [!!]
- 7 mousepads [and unfortunately, only one laptop]
- One old Magna Doodle and Ghost Writer set [anyone still remembers what they are??]
- One stack of old computer paper. The kind for dot matrix printers, with the perforated holes by the side

And also boxes and boxes of nice pens. You know, the kind that comes with its own holder and looks really expensive, like Parker? I think I counted almost 10 of those. (^^!)

So now, I'm packing whatever I can into a toolbox [yup, I have one of those too] to bring along to my hostel. I figure, with the amount of stationery, I could probably set up a sideline selling stationery to the rest of the block. hahahaha...

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