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Friday, July 15, 2005

Cosfest 2005 - 10th July at Downtown East

So yea I know the Cosfest pics are late.... :P I got a Photoshop fit and tried to do some layouts on them.

Unfortunately, considering I brought home 64 photos from the Cosfest... It's taking a while. (^^!) Gomennasai......

Anyway, here are some of those I've done:



And a panoramic shot of everyone on stage:


Yea, THAT'S how many people turned up in costume.

For more, click on this very obvious link.

And it was a GREAT cosplay! There were tons of people turning up in costume, of AMAZING quality and design from anime, manga, games and J-rock! Not to mention the various artists' groups hawking their wares, like doujinshi [fanart] merchandise, like postcards, badges, and some really amazing posters. It was the closest anyone in Singapore could ever get to an Anime Convention. :) :) :)

I'll continue editing the photos and uploading them, so stay tuned hor! [i'll get there, i'll get there......]

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