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Friday, May 13, 2005

Comic Feast for Comic Geeks!

HOly cow, I just discovered more local Singaporean comics.... (0_0) Me senses more time being spent on the computer from now on.....

Just how much time are we talking about? Well, currently these are the online comics that I pursue most reguarly: [Titles listed with a grin are those that I LURVE]

Megatokyo :D
The Order of the Stick:D
Copper :D
IQ Prerequisite
9th Elsewhere
Real Life Comics :D
PVP Online
Secret Friends Society
The Pet Professional :D
GC The comic created by monkeys

And now add to the list, done in all local wholesome goodness:

Den's Life
Bobbin's World
The Adventures of Pudding

*Groan* I need RSS feeds...........

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