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Sunday, May 08, 2005

The stats on my blog just SPIKED the day after I got mentioned in Tomorrow. :-| Arigatou Gozaimasu to all the people who hopped by my humble blog and liked my cartoons... Doomo arigatou gozaimasu... :D

"I'm not reading your blog anymore!"

The DF has stated that he will no longer read my blog, after reading the [slightly PMS-induced] disparaging remarks in the post where I complained about not being able to see him. :-| In his own words, he said "I'd rather not know anything. I'd rather just leave you alone until your PMS is over and you're back to normal." (^^!)

I've been struck off my DF's hard drive. Hmph.

Which also means, I'm free to write about whatever rubbish I want to about our relationship! Mwahahahahahahaha! :D :D :D

Ok now I know why some girls would rather their BFs not know they have a blog... :p At least now I've finally gotten him back after his exams... hehehe... :D

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quetz said...


That DF is so lousy. WHY can't he improve himself rather than sit there and think we are having PMS!

Well, I totally agree that bf cannot read blogs. Then we cannot write as what we feel.