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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Because on his online blog, Neil Gaiman has mentioned he is COMING TO SINGAPORE for events on the 4-6th July.

So help me all, but I feel so geek-fan-boyish right now, I just wanna jump up and down on my couch squealing, "Gaiman's coming! Gaiman's coming!" Visions of me bringing EVERY Gaiman book I have in my collection down to wherever he's having a signing are also appearing in my head.

[Although carrying 10 Sandman books around certainly put a damper on my plans, and that's not including the other non-Sandman books and the other stories based on characters created by Gaiman]

[And no, I will not plead with the DF to help me carry my Gaiman collection to signings. He'd be grumpy and I'd have a lotta making up to do.]

May 19: Revenge of the Sith opens
June 4: Cosplay Matsuri at the Youth Park
July 4-6: Neil Gaiman in Singapore for signings
July 10: Cosplay Festival at Downtown East
July 16: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out

No doubt. Tis' a good time for geeks and fanboys everywhere. :D [Can especially see one very busy week in July...]

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B.D. Crabtree said...

I just wanted to say that your cartoons inspired me to do my own blog-drawings. I had tried doing a blog before but it ended up making me depressed. I saw your rainy day picture and it all made sense...Drawings! That's the answer. THanks a ton....