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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Random Ramblings

A week's holiday has passed.

An extra Friday's holiday has passed.

With each holiday, it gets increasingly difficult to go back to work.


The past week I got screwed twice by 2 different colleagues, details of which I have to tell u guys face-to-face so as not to compromise Internet Anonymity. Suffice to say justice was served by a higher authority in one case, and in the other, I'm still waiting for her to get her karma.

This is not something I need, what with the Major School Event coming up. I half thought I was going to give myself another migraine episode like last year, but the headaches stopped mercifully when retribution was served.

There are days when I think I may go on doing this for the rest of my life. There are other days, like this, when I find myself wishing I was doing something else. At least something that doesn't require me to wake up before the sun.

There are major pay revisions coming up to ensure that more trained professionals don't leave the line, but judging from the real-life examples of Yenn and Ondine, this is not enough anymore.

Ironically, the needs of the future economy is the very thing chasing us out. To rear enough trained professionals to keep Singapore running, you need equally-if-not-more well-trained professionals. Push the pressure on these trainers, and you more or less keep the economy going. Push too little, you get morons out of school. Push too hard, you get a lot of very good trainers leaving.

And right now, the Gahmen is caught in a kind of ratwheel. It doesn't know how exactly to keep more teachers working in schools, it needs to continually attract people with pay and perks, and yet it needs to stem the flow of those who are sick of all the pressure.

It can give those who want to excel loads of opportunities to climb the ladder, but what about those who just want to perform the simple function of teaching and nothing else?

There is almost nothing for such people, because they want even these mediocre ones to climb th ladder.

So if there is nothing for them, they leave. And the Gahmen has to work at the promotion and the advertising campaigns and recruit another batch of people and go through the same stuff with them again.

It's like everyone is caught in this giant ratwheel that goes nowhere.

I want out one day. That's all I know.

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