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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do u get sick of cities sometimes?

I get this feeling every time I get onto the bus at the wrong times. This is when there are tons of sardines, oops, sorry, people on it, the whole can of a bus is shaking too hard for you to handle your MP3 player and get the music starting, and everyone just pushes past you like in a bowling ball manner when it reaches a stop.

The worst part of it could just be the sar-, people. People on buses during rush hour turn into either predatory animals or mechanical bulldozers.

Example of a predatory animal - The lady who shoves her way to the front of the bus queue before the bus even reaches the stop. And then who shoves her way into the bus and hurries to the back of the bus to get a seat.

Example of mechanical bulldozer - The ones who pretend there is no one dearly hanging on for life on the bus handles and walks through the aisle pretending not to notice the people they push aside in the process.

It's enough to make me turn to homicide, sometimes.

And everytime this happens in the bus, I can't help but think this is because I'm living in a city, and especially a little red dot of a city with 4 million people jostling for their own personal space. The bus is just one example of a greater picture. When you have that many people who need to be in that space, you get a lot of shoves and a lot of disgruntlement.

This is really frustrating. Once in a while, you get murderous fantasies of jabbing elbows into the peabrain next to you, or aiming your Charles and Keiths into the arsehole of the guy in front of you. Anything, just to create some space around yourself.

And I think this is what I don't like the most about the city. Barbarianism begets barbarianism. When you get enough people pushing and pulling at you, eventually you get real pissed off and you start to push other people back. Because this is the only way to finally get some space to yourself. But then the other person gets pissed off and it goes on and on and on.

If I ever go back to tuitioning, it will be because of this. Because of being able to walk through the streets freely, without having to overtake people, and without incessant 'excuse-mes' because blessedly, there will be no one ahead of me or behind me.

I never thought an empty street would be such a luxury.

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