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Saturday, March 29, 2008

My hug0 school project was finally completed yesterday night. We started in a flurry of chaos, went through it in a tornado of insanity, and packed up the place in a disaster of Hurricane-Katrina proportions.

Even then, there's still loads of mopping up to do. We have lost property to find, I still have reports I need to write *groan* and there's a massive stocktake that needs to be done of the stuff that we used.

But, on the greener side, the kids had massive fun. Most of them were bundles of raw nerves before it all started, and when it was finally ended, everyone was giddy with excitement. And for us, we're just glad that the massive part of this project is over.

And the mops for cleaning up, we're only gonna take out on Monday. :p

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