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Saturday, April 12, 2008

After slightly more than 2 years with my Panasonic, I decided it was time for a change.

*duh duh DUH!!!* *ominous music*

How to describe? Maybe in chick-lit terms, it was simply 'time to move on'. :p The battery was dying at a faster rate than before and you could sense that, well, it didn't have much more longer to go on to. So I decided on a euthanasia and bought a new Nokia.

Yes, going full circle.

Transferring information out is a pain though. When you are transferring from Nokia to Nokia, the transferring is relatively painless. When you are transferring between two incompatible models altogether, the process becomes tedious. Pictures, videos, sounds, even SMSes have to be transferring to PC first, and saved. You have to look through the entire drive of the phone to make sure you didn't leave anything out. Then you have to find some way of transferring everything to the new one, and again make sure you didn't leave anything out.

ARGH!!! This is why I don't change phones often......

Although.... excitement of new phone aside, I do find myself wishing for some of the features the old phone had, say the layout design, the look of the font, the quality of the camera [sadly, Nokia cameras are sadly lacking in photoquality] Just like breaking up, you like the new guy, but you just can't forget the ex that easily...... :p

Anyway, here's a pic of the phone, only difference is mine is black:

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