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Friday, March 14, 2008

A review of the one week break:

Mon - Slack. Went to work for a while and then in the evening, head for Kebab dinner and drinks at Recess at Old school with uni gang. We then find out that sitting at an outdoors table just after it's been raining is an open invitation for ants to invade our shapely legs.

Tues - Slack. In evening, send Brother to camp and have dinner at Farmart at Chua Chu Kang. Food is ok-ok only, unless you're a starving army man in one of the camps. At night, have artery-clogging glutton's dinner at Miss Clarity Cafe with Quet and Jules.

Wed - Head to leez's office and watch Jules, Candle and Quet fumble in a photoshoot. Ironic how, as much as we try to look natural we always end up looking more artificial. :p Head to City Plaza for fried chicken lunch and then to Goodwood Hotel for diabetic high tea with colleagues. End off with Sushi Tei dinner.

Thurs - Slack. Watch Evangelion, a remake of the classic series. More scenes added to flesh out the plot so it's not as mind-bogglingly confusing as the original series. Plus, watching giant robots fight it out on the big screen is so much more satisfying. :) Foot massage and then late night dessert at Little Part 1 cafe at Upper Thomson Road. Good fries.

Fri - Wake up, wondering where the time has flown. *sigh*

All in all, a good week break, except for the enormous quantities of good food I seem to have eaten. *ahem* Gym sessions start next week...... :p

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