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Sunday, March 09, 2008

On the last day of school, and the day we're supposed to have a sleepover at Jul's house, I get hit by a travelling flu bug. What's the justice in that?

My nasal was so blocked that I could actually apply tiger balm right beneath my nostrils, and still not be able to smell it. :s Takes a lot of fun out of eating, I can tell you that.

Fortunately, thanks to lots of sleep, and a vitamin boost from Juls, the virus mostly scattered, and I could still go out with DF on Sat, but we went home early because he had to go back to camp, and I was still sluggish.

Now I get a sense of just how often I go out. When I came home on a Saturday night at 530pm, my family stared at me. "How come you're home?!" is my mother's response to her daughter being home early.

Later in my room, both parents take turns to come in and ask if I'm alright, if I'm sick, Am I having flu etc etc etc...... because I'm lying in bed reading my books.

My presence at home is getting increasingly rare, to the point that when it does happen, it must be due to impending death. Sigh.

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