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Monday, March 03, 2008

Bump, crack, groan....

Mas Selamat owes me a few $100s for damages to a guy's car whom I don't even know.

Ok, did that opening line get your attention? Hahaha... Events are as follows:

Because of this whole fugitive business, the DF got caught up in camp for events beyond either him or me. Since the parentals, and the fake husband were also in Malaysia, [convenient, I know] I decided to take the car for one day out to town.

And you know, aside from the usual humps and bumps of driving a car you're unfamiliar with, everything was actually going sui sui... I managed to get the car rolling with stalling, and even remembered the correct exit to take to go to orchard and how to get up the Taka carpark and everything.

Ok, EXCEPT for that last part.

Because on the way entering Taka, mind you, not even the spiral route that leads to the level 6 carpark, but at the ENTRANCE, I didn't depress the clutch enough, and the freakin' thing rolled down the slope.

I felt/heard/smelled a *THUNK* at my backside and another *THUD* at the sound of my heart stopping its beating and falling into my pants.

Finally, after a slight assessment of damage, and holding up traffic at Orchard for 5 minutes, I got the clutch grounded and made my way up to the 6th floor, followed by a resigned Subaru Legacy. -___-!!!!!!!! I didn't even realise it was a Subaru till I told Quet the model name later and she identified it as such.

So what to do? Exchange details lor........ Later, after frantic calls to Quet and Juls, I arranged that the guy should go to my dad's mechanic and get it fixed there so he doesn't run an insurance scam on us and all that. And more importantly, call my dad and then resign myself to getting an earful and probably losing close to $1000 for the repairs. -_-!!! -_-!!! -_0!!!!!

Luckily for me, the damage wasn't bad. Turns out the guy had done modifications to the car body, and it was that which had come loose just a little, so my dad estimates maybe less than $500 for the damage. *Giant sigh of relief* So the guy wasn't pissed, and my dad wasn't too pissed and maybe I just lose a few hundred bucks, and treat it as the cost of renting the car.

Anyway, I attribute this to a few factors:

1. Me choosing to park in Taka. Aside from the horrendously expensive parking charges, this also cost me the repairs to that guy's car. Next time I park somewhere else.

2. Me choosing to drive. Next time, GO GREEN and take public transport.

3. Me choosing to go out. Should have stayed at home and played computer games, but as the DF smsed, "You never want to stay at home anyway." -_-!!!

and finally,

4. Mas Selamat, for choosing to escape and imprisoning my boyfriend to camp. If the DF was out, we'd have gone out as usual on PUBLIC TRANSPORT. I attribute YOU as the ultimate cause of my driving fiasco.

Which makes me really hopeful that someone catches him soon......... I don't wanna get into more trouble without the DF.............


Anonymous said...

The way u put it on the last sentence that 'don't wanna get into more trouble without the DF', it can be misunderstood that you only want to get into trouble with DF around. hahahahhahahaha


Krystal said...

hahahahahahaha....candle hit the nail on the head!

Anonymous said...

I triple agree with candle, Mark & Andrea (whoever you two are ;p)... so you wouldn't mind bumping the guy's car if you were with the DF?? HAHA!!!

Krystal said...

slayer, i'm krystal! (Tabitha's JC classmate)'s u??