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Sunday, November 19, 2006

With the end of Friday's workday, I took a deep breath, sat on my chair, and thought to myself: All done.

Over the past 5 months, I've graduated 30 lower primary children and 2 O level students. I think I can safely say that my labours for now are over, and it's time for my turn to enjoy, and reclaim whatever's left of my humanity.

The hard part is letting go. Even now, sometimes I walk by, see something, and immediately think of how I could use it in the classroom. -_-!! And not to mention there's another class and another load of students to prepare for next year. -_-!!!!!!!

But for now, I'm happy to simply look forward to my dance, my books, my comics and my life. :)

And for the work-weary out there, check out the movie A Good Year. Other than the tempting message that it would be cool to quit your job and take up a vineyard in France, there is also the wonderful footage of Provence to ogle over.

Bring me there. Now. Sigh.

Although I have to admit, Russel Crowe's character in the movie was earning disgustingly pornographic amounts of money before he made the decision to quit and move to France. Not to mention with the pound and the euro being what they are, and the distance between the countries... I suppose for us it'll be kinda like moving to a more expensive form of Malaysia. -_-!!!

But don't tell me you aren't tempted by the idea: Quit your job, take all your money, move to a breathtakingly picturesque country, and live your life there with the love of your life.

*Sigh* Excuse me while I wallow in self-pity now at my life........

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