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Saturday, November 25, 2006

I may just need a PDA. Several times I've thought of something blogworthy, and then because of work/play/whatever I was doing at the moment, forgotten it in the next instant. Then when I'm finally sitting in front of my laptop, I realise that I have nothing to blog about.


On the bright side, school hols are upon us. *yay* The bonus for civil servants has been declared *yay* I'm thinking of [finally] going to Bangkok if I can get a flight out. *yay*

My life suddenly feels... stable, like I've finally surpassed all those of levels of Maslow and then gotten myself too comfortable at one particular level. Like a true blue cat, I've plunked my butt down and lounged languidly in the sun.

This is bad. I'm getting old. *Sigh* One day I'll wake up and find out that I:

Have a beer belly
Live on Pringles and beer
Watch endless reruns of Days of our Lives

Something like this:

But you get the idea I think. If you wake up one day and you look back at your week, and it's been nothing but work, home, work, home, friend, boy/girlfriend, work, home I think it's time you did an auditing of your life.

I realised I'm like that. Lounging around doesn't quite suit me. Sure I can pull it off for a day or half, but after that I get itching. I've tried staying home on a Sat night and I couldn't get used to it. I tried to read, but couldn't last more than 5 pages. I went online but no one was there, and I finished all the blogs. I even started pacing up and down my living room and that's when I knew sitting down for too long wasn't for me.

Even now, after my tuition has ended, and my evenings are suddenly free, I find myself at a loss as to what to do with myself come dinnertime. Home is not an option because my mother doesn't always cook. Where to go then? Friends are not always free to meet up. I can't watch movies or read every night.

*itch itch itch*

I need slightly more activity in my life, other than just going out to the libraries or the shopping centres. I need some mental and creative simulation, and actually create something rather than just admiring other people's works. I need to be more like this:

On the prowl. Rowr.

So please, if you find yourself free on a weekday for dinner, [other than Lindy Thursday] or if you find out about some exciting new thing in town, or even way out of town, and you have no one to accompany you, tell me about it. GET ME OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE.

[but please don't bust my wallet while you're at it]

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Anonymous said...

You wanna buy a PDA from me? I can give u a good deal...;p