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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The DF has finally taken a step forward and gathered up the guts to meet some of my friends!

Ok, admittedly, he met the Turtle and Jules, both of whom were already familiar to him from JC, and I had to do some pleading on my end, but I like to think he's finally taking baby steps on his own. :p

After all, how long has this friends issue been going on? Almost as long as we've been together. -_-! And he's never voluntarily met up with ANY of my friends till now, as most of you keep reminding me. -_-! It's also been a sore point with me, because

1. I could never understand what was so hard about him sitting down to have a meal n chat with my friends [all of you being the wonderful, charming, sadists that you are]

2. I had already gone out with him n his friends on several occassions, and emerged with no visible scars. What's so hard?

So granted, it's a small step, but I like to look on the bright side and think that it's a baby step in the right direction. :)

Anyway, it turned out to be so entertaining for him, what with Jules and Greg spilling out embarrassing anecdote of me one after the other. I swear, I've NEVER seen him laugh so much with his own friends yet. -_-!!!! When he heard about some of the stories, he was laughing so uncontrollably he turned speechless and his face turned red, while I was getting ready to mangle Jules for it.

So 1 point for the DF finally. :) Now to work him up to meeting the REST of my friends....... WITHOUT him getting scars.


Anonymous said...

dont worry dear kheldar..
we will always be the wonderful,charming,and sadist friends. N we will tell him the story of the curse of the bat cave at taman negara hahahahhahaha


Krystal said...

oiiz...did u see the comment i left about kenan and charlene? Pls read and Oii!! He met me and Candle wat (even if it was for a brief moment and took a lot of hunting down to do) and he also came up rather unscafted! =P

Candle ah, I think next time we can be more evil

Anonymous said...