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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm wondering how many of you remember the days.

You know, the days of Uni gone by, when we had 4 hour lunches in the canteen, 12 hour project meetings, and then chucked it all out the window during the long hols from May till late July? Yea, those days.

Do you remember how it all started? How some of us stayed overnight at the Bizad faculty working on the Rag float with a huge purple genie, and hung out more and more after that? Do you remember all the things we said, the jokes we cracked?

Do you remember the holidays to Taman, KL and Redang? Do you remember the Curse of the Batcave? The shopping in KL? The toothpaste we put on the guys on the bus?

Do you remember the Promo project, and the insane hours we spent on that project in various locations, including NUS, Bishan, and Sixth Ave? Do you remember the equally [or more] insane hours we spent on that project? Do you remember the insane amount of blood bled on that project, and the Seoul Garden payoff at the end?

Do you remember Redang beach? Do you remember its white, powdery sands, its clear blue seas, and us pretending to be seaweed in the water? Do you remember the love dramas that developed plots along those trips? [and don't pretend that you don't!]

If you do, Candle and I need YOU.

We are trying to create a sort of time capsule video. The purpose of this, is twofold. One is to capture all the precious and embarrassing moments for all posterity, another is to help those who can't do so, remember. This is because we believe that such memories should not be lost. [even those that you prefer would rather be forgotten]

For this, we are trying to get all of us together at my house to interview you and tape you on everything you can remember about the shared history we've been through. Your payoff for this, would be the CD with the video on it, and as usual, lunch at my house, and Happy Hour if you so feel like it. -_-!!!

The details are as follows:

Venue: My House
Date : Dec 16 [Sat]
Time : 12pm

SMS/call Candle or I by this Friday to confirm whether you'll be able to come so that we can do the arrangements quickly as possible.

We really wanna do this, so we hope you can reply and confirm ASAP! C'mon guys!

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