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Saturday, November 04, 2006

lack of posts. Yea I know. Blame it on any one of the following:

1. Work
2. Tuition
3. Dance
4. Wanderlust that compels me to leave the house and go walking around the whole day
5. Fatigue from feeling compelled to blog
6. Lack of inspiration
7. Auditionsea

So aren't you glad I managed to wake up at 530 on a Saturday morning, giving me enough time to go for breakfast with the folks, and come back in time to read blogs, watch MTV, and blog before recess has even started? X( I swear, this body clock thing will kill me in the long run. It's unnatural to be waking up this early on a Saturday morning of all things!!!

*Sigh* Help me, god...

On the other hand though, it's pretty refreshing to have a Saturday where I don't have to rush out much LPs, no tuition, no Jap, just one glorious Saturday morn and aft where I can do what I want, and not be constrained by a schedule. Where I can finally just, take the day as it is, one minute at a time. Enough time to eat, blog, read email, and still go out.

Hm. Maybe I could get used to this Saturday morning thing.

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Krystal said...

hey gal, met keenan n charlene at my church young adults ministry. (They used to be in our batch in CJ) I just started going to St Marys so that's how I got to know them