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Saturday, October 28, 2006

There are days.

There are days where everything goes wrong.

There are days where everything seems designed to make you go insane, where even the simplest things seem beyond you, where even so, you have to grit your teeth and bear whatever nonsensical lemons life decides to throw your way, because there's nothing else you can do about it, where you go home at the end of the day, and you feel tired and drained out of all life and blood there was in you at the start of the day.

And then you meet your friend and one good line manages to lift your spirits and end your day on a good note.

Insurance agent: "Do you have any disorders or abnormalities?"

Friend: "Yes, I have an abnormality, it's just... I'm abnormally handsome. I have to go for an operation to uglify myself and make myself look more normal."

Insurance agent: ".... Wh-what?"

I'd rather not name sources on the Internet but I think most of you know there is only one guy who has the balls to come up with a line like that. ;)

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