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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Newsflash: For all his slowness, the DF actually managed to beat me in something.

His parents now know of us before mine has.
Hey! How was I to know that mine were gonna go to JB today of all days??

And they've invited me to lunch with them next week.

Ok, altogether now:

AAAHHH!!!!!! AAAHHH!!!!!! AAAHHH!!!!!! AAAHHH!!!!!!

In other news........

The blog entries for the IJ open house are done, but because of the sheer amount of pix, will be divided into 2 parts. For those who are clueless, my old alma mater has finished its renovations and opened its doors to the public at large on the 7th Jan. And yes, of course I took pictures.

If you are impatient, or you just want to see photographs, [literary barbarians you], you can go to flickr and search for tag "chijtoapayohopenhouse2006" where you will find my photos.

I'll start off by introducing some of the people who were so important to us in those foundation years:




Stay tuned, girls...


Krystal said...

HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY FIND OUT? Well,Mark's daddy knows about me and we actually almost bumped into them while having dinner last nite. hee hee

Aki Tan said...

Actually he told them, but apparently they kinda suspected all along because of changes in his behavior...