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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Meet the Parents

By popular demand, I am writing up the latest developments btw the DF and I.

So it really all started with one simple MSN conversation: [highly abridged. What, you think I'm gonna spill everything???]

Me: Hey
DF: Hey
DF: You free for lunch this Sunday?
Me: My tuition ends at 1230, after that yea
Me: Where?
DF: Toa Payoh
Me: ? Why Toa Payoh?
DF: Because my parents will be there

Pause to allow sudden palpitations in heart

Me: What???
DF: Ya I told them about us
DF: And they invited you to lunch on sunday

Pause again for another aortic convulsion. Another stream of conversation follows, and then:

Me: At least you didn't tell them I drink
DF: Actually I did

Faint utterly.

So after that, I decided I had to tell my folks as well, to even the ground and all. I thought of telling them on Sunday.

Then they left for Johor the whole day. -_-!!!

Then I went to school.

Then it was Tuesday.

Truth to tell, I was a little nervous of telling them, because I didn't know how they were gonna take it. So I went through the initial part of the morning, thinking Now? Now? NOW???.

Till finally, my parents were occupied with packing up the xmas tree for another xmas, and while my mom was struggling with taping the cardboard box to keep all the twigs in, I blurted out,

"Oh yea, I have a boyfriend."


"Just to let you know."

My parents paused a while, and my dad hollered, "So??? What do you want us to about it??"

Er, nothing much really.

My mom, caught off guard by the sudden remark and half-occuppied with the tree, remarked, "Well, can he get me a bigger box for my xmas tree?"


And that was about it, other than the obligatory What's his name? What does he do? and Of all the times to spring this on us...

My mom actually guessed it was Jules at first, to which my dad replied an emphatic "No, it's not."

I was kinda surprised at first, and then it turns out:

My Dad and Bro already kinda knew, because they saw us walking around in J8 a couple of times. -_-!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Pengpengpengpeng*

So that was it. They know. His parents know. Nothing much to hide anymore.

Are we official now? :p

Oh, and ironically enough, you know how all you guys have been asking to meet him already?

Funnily enough, the one person from the sec-sch group who met him face to face [by accident in the Esplanade tunnel] was Jubilee.

The one person who's never asked to meet him.

Says something, eh? ;)

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Anonymous said...

"the ugly daughter-in-law finally see the mother-in-law"

Good luck with your first meeting! ;)Quetz