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Sunday, November 27, 2005

ph43r 3 h4xx0r5

f1201V1 3 13L0gL11V35 13L0g:

1-14v3 j00 3v3r 1-134r1) 0f H4xx0r!???!?!?!?!?!?!? I+"S 4 f0rIVI 0f 0NL1n3 kl1ng0N 1V1aY13e 1)eVel0pe1) bY H4xx0r5 VV1-10 VV4n7e1) 4n071-1eR VV4Y 0f 74Lk11Vg 01VLi1V3.

fr01V1 13011Vg2 1-13r3"5 4 PSD C01V1p3717101V 71-147 15 l337!!!!!! 31Vj0Y!

2 m4k3 yr 0VV1V h4xx0r, u c41V 7rY 71-115 l11Vk.

[back to normal programming in a while......]

This probably just shows I spend too much time online, but well... it's a fun thing to learn. Be warned though, the dialectizer link may not necessarily translate everything you see on this page, cos some of the words I came up myself. You could call it a variation [or distortion] of l337. ^_^ Translate it for you? No way! That won't be fun anymore... XD

Kinda shows you how much variation there is within the English language nowadays, all entirely thanks to the advent of modern technology that has made it possible. Think about it, if we didn't have hackers trying to look cool, would we have h4xx0r? 1 71-111Vk 1V07. Most of the typed lingos all evolved through the use of modern keyboards.

And then with handphones becoming the next lifestyle staple of Singaporeans, you get another dialect coming up which is SMS lingo, and which is totally indecipherable to people who believe that phones are only for making phone calls.

Whch means dat if i typ in SMS den evrytin on dis pg wll look lke dis instd. e ideas 2 del vwels u don need n udder xtra stuff. n lke h4xx0r SMS's only a wrtten lingo.

So if you were read out everything I wrote in h4xx0r and SMS, it would seem like perfectly normal English. That's the beauty of the typed lingos. ^_^

Then you get the smileys, which evolved from the basic :) [i suppose you could call this the root smiley?] to about a thousand variations, like ;) :D >) >D XP and countless others. Smileys spice up any online conversation, and unlike the two, would be completely incomprehensible if you were to try to use it in spoken language. "Hi there, colon closing bracket!" ?????

I kinda like h4xx0r though, because of the way the meaning of the way the words are written out so plainly, and yet totally indecipherable at first glance. The only trouble is that if you're not used to it, like I am, you'll find one hell of a time trying to type in the whole thing. ^_^!

Oh and btw, the key to deciphering h4xx0r is simply that: Look for the words. They're written clear as day. >D

In other news...

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