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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Days of Yesterday

I've just started reading Good Morning Yesterday, a blog started by Mr Lam Chun See, who writes about his memories of Singapore Past. One interesting thing about this blog, firstly, is the age of the writer. Mr Lam is about 55 and writes this blog because "it's good for our aging brains". Besides that, he has tons of memories about Singapore in the 60s and reading this from a first person perspective is probably more interesting than watching all those period dramas on national television. Like one of his observations on Bishan:

"I remember him telling me that the Pik San Teng [ ?????] cemetery ( located off Thomson Road and Braddell Road) was generally scarce and scanty with graves but beginning from the early 50s it began to get crowded. That Pik San Teng had now become the land for the living…the Bishan housing estate, and the mass rapid transit (underground subway) runs through it, geographically dissecting through the whole area.

Ironically enough, the ex-occupants of this area were underground. Now the MRT runs through it above ground, in fact, this is the first train station where it begins to surface above ground after all the city stations that are underground. This route winds its way round the north and western part of the island of Singapore (all above ground) till it returns to the city area in an almost anti-clockwise format. Again this is just an observation."

yea, an interesting observation nonetheless. :p

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