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Monday, November 28, 2005



note: Yenn n I never had that particular conversation, but the 'barbarian' part is one of my favourite comments to her... hahaha... Not the 'elitist' one though...

I may be a literary purist at heart, but I think HP4 really bombed on this one.

Ok, imagine you take a HP4 book.

Now open the pages at random, and cut out chunks of text. If you don't have a pair of scissors, just tear them out. [but NO F**KING WAY you do this to MY COPY!!!!!]

Once you're done, read through what you have left, and write a new HP story based on the remnants of the book.

And THAT in my opinion is what the HP4 movie turned out like. ^_^!

Whole portions in the start of the film, which were intended to place setting and orientation, ALL GONE.

Other areas, integral to character development and depth, CHUCKED OUT.

I know that this is a common thing to happen to book-movie adaptations, and yes, it happened to HP1, 2 and 3 and LOTR and a whole lot of other books as well, but the difference is that those turned out good. While I did not particularly like the first 3 movies, I did feel that they remained more or less true to the spirit of the book, and the directors did a rather good adaptation.

THIS WAS UTTER RUBBISH. AND IT'S ABT AN HOUR LONGER SOMEMORE. Whole blardy thing should've just gotten expelliarmus-ed into the nearest dustbin.

*spoiler ahead*

Like for example, in the opening scene after the dream with Voldemort in it, Harry is immediately waking up in Ron's room in the Burrow, while Hermione is nagging them to quickly get a move on.

A move on where? What's he doing there? Where are they going?

Then the next scene, the whole family is walking up a grassy hill.

Where are they going? Why are they there?

That's why I feel the opening scene is so cut-up. Because a lot of info that was supposed to establish orientation was simply NOT THERE. And if I had not read the book beforehand, I might've been left wondering what the hell was going on.

Also the ending: Why did Harry's wand have that effect when Voldemort cast the Avada curse on him? Why didn't Harry die [again]? Again, a lot of vital plot information, LOST.

*fuming in a fit of righteous indignation*

The part that the movie is strongest in is in its portrayal of the students as real students. Only when watching the movie and seeing the antics of Harry and the other Hogwarts students interacting on the school premises did the students become more real, more realistic. Because the book centers mainly around Harry and all the other life-threatening events that happen around him, you tend to forget that at heart, he is really a student. And there are other students around him. The movie serves to flesh out this part, and complements it very nicely, especially in the scene where they are studying in the Great Hall and whispering under their breath to one another, only to get whacked on the head by Snape. ^_^!

So this would have to be the best part of it. To be able to see the students being portrayed as students, who are there to study, make friends, and cheer their houses on.

Other than that, I seriously implore to all of you: READ THE BOOK. It's thick but it's a much more satisfying experience than the !@#$%^& movie.

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