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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Why can't I sign up for this? :( Instead of chasing that MBA-thingy everyone seems so hard up on...

Well, maybe because firstly the tuition fee is USD14,000 a year......... takai ne...

A night with necrox and a banana milkshake at Secret Recipe will result in some very strange inspirations...

While we were sitting there a song came on the overhead speakers. "Dou4 Jiang1 You1 Tiao1" Necrox says.

"Huh?" Did she suddenly get a craving for those breakfast foods?

"No, that's the title of this song!"

Turns out the song was composed by a local singer, JJ Lim, [did i get the name right?] and it was about how well he and a girl got along together, like soya bean milk and you tiao.

Which inspired the next cheesy song below: [translations provided for those who suck in Chinese]

Ni si wo teh zhong de niu nai
You are the milk in my teh

Mei you ni wo hui si cheng teh-si
Without you I will die until I become teh si

Mei you ni wo hui hei cheng teh-o
Without you I will blacken until I become teh o

Mei you ping ye hui leng
I will be cold even without ice

Ing wei

Ni si wo teh zhong de niu nai
You are the milk in my teh

PS: I do not recommend any guys out there try that poem on your girlfriends. ESPECIALLY my guy. :p

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