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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Holy cow, a new toy for a blogger nut.... Moblog allows you to create a blog, and post SMS and MMS to it. For an avid blogger like me, it means that I'm now allowed to post entries and photos from wherever I am on the island, about anything I happen to see at the moment, as long as my phone still has batt in it. :p

and........ it also means that my phone bill is about to explode.......... (^^!) zannenyo.......

Anyway, this is my mobile blog.... i'm not sure how often I'm gonna be posting to this one, though i think it may be more often than I post to this one. [pity i'm limited to 160 characters.]

Boredslacker On Da Move!

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Mr Miyagi said...

Check out Flickr. You can do it better there.