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Friday, May 06, 2005

I don't like rain


And that's the solid truth.... Yesterday, rained after lunch, when I wanted to take a walk to the library, hereby imprisoning me in the KFC at AMK. Then, after tuition ended, poured again, hereby forcing me to walk the distance from condo to bus stop, getting everything from the knee down wet.

Today, supposed to be my tuition-free day, and thought of going out for lunch, a spot of shopping, stopping by orchard lib and kino, and whaddaya know.

It rained.

KUSO! SAITEI KITANAI AME! Doushite ame ga furanakereba naranai?? Shine!

[somehow I'm not sure I'd rather prefer the recent hot, dry spell we had......]

Anyway, because I'm so bored, and because I got inspired by the Star Wars special in First magazine:

Will you choose the Good...?

...Or the Dark?


Hecate said...

i got here from, your cartoons are really cute!! used the dark side for my wallpaper, it's really nice, hope ya don't mind!! =)

kein said...

hopped here from tomorrow too, nice star wars images :) too bad it's only at 800x600.