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Monday, March 07, 2005

You are a pink Haro...I

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*Breathes* Agenda during next chat with Mum: Bar cleaning lady from EVER touching anything in my room again. And threaten to murder said cleaning lady with broom if Kira Yamato is moved even 2cm from his current seating position.

I agree that I should have been clear from the start about just how extensive the cleaning session was meant to be. Previous cleaning ladies who came for a few times only vacuumed and mopped the place, so I guess I wasn't expected Hurricane Hattie to sweep through my room this time. *Sigh*...... In a way, it's fortunate that it happened after I graduated. Can you imagine if she'd completely rearranged my project notes and assignments??? *faints in a heap*

So at least Aki-onna ain't one pissed off onna anymore. Back to life.

Sunday was a bit more enjoyable than that testy Saturday night. I met up with the Dragonfly to go to church [twice now! Is it his lenten promise to lure this condemned soul back to the arms of God?] and then headed to the Career Fair at Suntec.

There were much less people walking around, it being the last day, and also MUCH less jobs. Where were the 10,000 or so jobs touted in the paper? Apparently 2/3 of them were being offered by Prudential, AIA, and Great Eastern Life. -_-! The moment you walk in you realise that most of the exhibition space had been given up to schools, and the actual job offerings were a paltry offering.

Which somewhat makes it the same as previous years.

As we walked further in, the poor guy got baited by a Prudential surveyor, hook line and sinker. [nice makeup, pretty eyes, fair skin, and kept trying to make friendly conversation. who can blame him?] He had to do a personality test in 10 mins, after which he was carted off to a table to sit with another guy, and I took this chance to run. [No insurance agent's gonna catch me! Bwahahahaha!]

I walk around the other side and I meet Ee Fan, ex-bizader and insurance agent made good. EF's one of the few insurance agents on this earth I'm not afraid to talk to, for the reason that he doesn't push me to buy another, never asks me to do insurance surveys, and he is able to carry on a conversation without turning it to my future financial needs, assurance for my parents, what if something happens to me blah blah blah why don't we meet over coffee this week and discuss this blah blah blah...

And being a girl, the one thing I push him for is gossip, hahaha... Too bad we didn't know too many people in common, but I did hear one interesting bit about a tall, hulky ex-bizader with curly hair who worked for one year and then quit to study at Bible College full-time???? Can't imagine that guy as Father....?? [for those who wanna know, like, MSN me or something and I'll reveal the identity of the guy] And Ee Fan has that infuriating quality of all guys, that they never know further details, like WHEN?? HOW?? WHY?? ARGH!

So I passed the time chatting to EF till DF was finally released from the clutches of Prud, and we continued walking.

BTW nothing has changed about the NUS exhibition booth. We walked over to take a look, and the NUS booth looks suspiciously the same as previous years. not to mention it has been overshadowed by the snazzier, handphone-promotion-looking SMU booth, which came in Starhub green and had soft neon light tubes. I don't know WHY they don't do a better job of rebranding and promoting themselves, since I've seen promotion management projects in Bizad that have been TONS better than what they've come up with so far. This is what happens when people with huge butts get too used to the comfy chairs they've been sitting on.

At least we managed to get freebies. [Yay for the freebies!] Cleo from Jobstreet, pen from SMU, carabina with stopwatch [cool!] from NTU, and..... a BBA magazine from NUS. -_-! Yup, serious rebranding is in order...

After that, dinner, followed by the movie Hitch.

[Guys, Hitch is hilarious! Will Smith is superbly suave in this movie, and though not drop dead gorgeous, has TONS of charm pouring out of his every pore. And yes, the way he teaches Kevin James how to chase the gorgeously unattainable goddess Allegra Cole is HILARIOUS!! The whole cinema was roaring with laughter at the hilarious duo!

That being said, I know a guy who could use the services of the Date Doctor. Hmmm....]

And by the way, getting to GV Marina is akin to walking in a deserted alley to get to the backdoor which sells porn. [ok, maybe I overdramatise...] To get to GV Marina, we had to walk through the now-deserted Marina Square, go down a staircase, which led us out into the entrance of Marina Mandarin, (!) walk past the doors, up another winding staircase, past what used to be the foodcourt, before we finally entered a small entrance that was the cinema. WTF???

And despite all that, there were still tons of people watching movies there~! Maybe they weren't aware of the topo abilities needed to get to GV Marina. One couple tried following us for a while, but kept hesitating and finally disappeared before we found the cinema. Maybe they thought we were as lost as they were.

After that, home, just in time to watch Cold Case.

Well, at least I had one good Sunday to make up for Saturday.

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