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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I officially got rid of one more student yesterday, not exactly a surprise in that particular case. I had only managed 2 lessons with him at the start of the year, before schedule conflicts prevented us from having any more lessons. Thus my income goes down again. :( :( :(

Though it really wasn't such a surprise actually, considering the mother had been cancelling lessons since Jan because of his school activities. Oh well... I'll wait till I definitely get into NIE [still crossing fingers for interview] before I decide whether I want to take up any more students.

[lesson to would-be tuition teachers: Do NOT schedule secondary school students in the afternoon. The likelihood of them not making it is very high.]

In the meantime, it leaves me Tuesdays free to do more illustrations:


This one's another 800X600 wallpaper practice, for all those who passionately sought out love, not knowing it was always right there behind them. [illustrations done in Freehand, and compiled in Photoshop.]

The wallpapers still tend to be a bit plain, cos I'm still concentrating on the illustration side, rather than the PS side. I promise to churn out better stuff next time... :p If I don't kill my PC before that...

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