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Friday, February 25, 2005

Whoosh... back again after doing a Cinderella and vacuuming and mopping the house...

During which the wires for the vacuum got tangled up with the fan in my room. And guess what happened when I pulled the vacuum towards me, not knowing that had happened.


The fan comes crashing to the floor, spewing out hundreds of years of dirt from the blades to MY BEDROOM FLOOR. MY FRESHLY VACUUMED BEDROOM FLOOR.


*grumble grumble grumble*

Incidentally, I went to Kushinbo with DF on Wed for lunch. ( Very very good buffet. Totally worth it. :p ) Anyone know the name of the Japanese paper steamboat dish? The one where they put the ingredients into a little paper bowl on top of a little burner?

No one?

The name of the paper steamboat is kaminabe.

Tell me whether that sounds really wrong to you guys. :p

And a follow up to the mouse cartoon last time:

This is why illustrating with a mouse is so difficult. Because the PC and mouse don't always get along.


Hope it isn't too small this time and you guys can see it...

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