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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Blogging Earns Money

Holy fish. The first local celebrity blogger. Xiaxue is now endorsing a brand of t-shirts called LocalBrand. I truly wonder if she's getting paid for it, because if she is, she'll be the first celebrity blogger endorser.

Famous through a blog. WTF?? I better go incorporate my blog nick right now, before someone steals it from under me!

Anyway, she's not the first blogger making money from her blog. [although hers is a more indirect way of doing so, and it's not disclosed whether she is making money from the endorsement or not] The infamous London callgirl Belle Du Jour compiled the contents of her blog into a book, which is now selling at Kino. For those who don't read her blog, the book is about her experiences as a London callgirl, the strange clients she gets, and the conflicts with her RL relationships. What makes it entertaining is her highly witty way of writing, so for a sneak peek, read her blog already.

So now, blogging is apparently the new way to make money through the Internet. Write a controversial blog, get famous, and wait for all the book deals and the clothing deals to come in. Imagine what some of Singapore's famous bloggers can do:

Xiaxue : T-shirts, [done] kinky, naughty stuff.
Mister Miyagi : Action figures. The Wise Venerable Sensei, complete with white outfit and beard.
Mr Brown : Coffee Mugs, local news magazines
Popaghandi : Anything Mac-affiliated [sadly, her account has been suspended, so there goes her very excellent blog. Anyway, she's a Mac afficionado]

[Note: for some of these, you'd really have to read their blogs to get the joke]
[Note note: I know there are other good Singaporean blogs out there, but these are just the ones I know of]

Here's a good money-making opportunity none of us ever thought about! What could some of the bloggers on my friends list endorse??

From the order in my favourites folder:

Quetzal : scuba and diving equipment. Also underwater camera and photographic equipment, maybe from Sony, so that she can take pictures underwater, and then send them to her email, from which she will display the pictures on her blog.

Goldfish : jazz CDs and jazz clubs around Singapore. Especially swing music and clubs with enough space for her to swing around.

: unofficial spokesperson for whichever school she is teaching in. If she gets famous enough, in the future, schools will beg her to teach there, so that she will publicise them in her blog.

Slayer : again, unofficial spokesperson for Murdoch and vegan food providers. And for the book, He Just Isn't Into You.

And of course,

Boredslacker : links to tuition centres, tuition agencies, and all kinds of online comic resources. hehehe.... plus of course, my own range of boredslackerTM tshirts.....

That'll be good, won't it? ;)

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