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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A letter to Someone...

I'm writing this to you, but I don't know if you'll ever read it.

Do you remember the first time we met? We were so shy around each other, and didn't know how to react to the other party. We hemmed and hawed around until we reached a level of familiarity that allowed us to be comfortable with each other.

Those early days were carefree and easygoing. We didn't have to worry about friends, parents or society, we just did our own thing together, hoping that somehow things would come out right. Those early days in school when we knew each other, we went through all the tests, exams and other problems of adolescence, and we overcome them all. Although we didn't know each other very well then, I thought, maybe this would be a longlasting relationship.

How wrong I was.

Slowly, but surely, we went further apart. You had your own thing, and you were too busy to hang out with me anymore. You hardly called, or SMS-ed, except to tell me that you were busy, and that you couldn't meet up. Even when I called you, you pushed me aside, saying you were busy. You said you'd call, but you didn't. We met less and less often, until almost none at all, and you only called when you were in dire need of my help, otherwise you wouldn't call me at all.

Well, I say enough already. I don't see why we should continue the relationship in this way. Obviously I'm not important enough for you to make time in your busy schedule for me. So why should I wait around for you to make a move? I'd rather be with someone that needs me, rather than be on call for someone who will only call me when necessary.

I think it's best that we just stop this charade now. This is obviously going nowhere, and I think it's best we both found other people in our lives.

Tell your mother I quit, and I hope you find another tuition teacher.

Ok now just how many of you out there thought I was writing that to someone???? Hahahahahahahaha....... The idea came to me, because this week, a lot of my students suddenly had to cancel or postpone tuition. Which means that I was on 'enforced leave' for the past 3 days. *sigh* The bad thing was that one of them was supposed to pay me this week........ *sob* no money till next week... And because of make up lessons i'll be missing the open house at LaSalle this weekend.....argh....

Well, the good thing is that it allowed me more time to draw, and surf net, and be a total slacker, as usual. Here's a new one:

[btw with flickr, you can also post comments on the picture, by clicking on it. So you can comment on whether you like, don't like, or blardy hate the picture.]

It's meant to be wallpaper, and I tried it on my PC, but the bad thing is that most of my icons are on the left side, so it totally blocked out the picture... *tiao* what a waste...

And yea, I do want one, even though I'll have to buy Mac software to put on my PC. Haiz..... and even though Creative Zen's is more functional, what with the PC compatibility and the FM radio...

Hmmm, if I do get into NIE, maybe I shld blow my first paycheck [or two] on an ibook? Hahaha... tempting even though my old IBM still works fine... I think...

And speaking of NIE, another has joined the teaching course. Welcome, Turtle, who will sign his contract on Sat. So [hopefully, cross your fingers] i now have 2 friends going into NIE in the same year, and hopefully we can all get hostel together.

But then, I haven't even received the letter for an interview. *haiz*

Cross your fingers and see how lah. N hope my luck with schools in the past extends to my luck with NIE.

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