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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Quick update of my life:

Mon: Hari Raya Puasa saw me and Candle going down to Pulau Ubin for a day of cycling. We got ourselves scorched by the afternoon sun, explored the island and came across some quirky characters.

One of them was a female cyclist, whom we encountered while cycling along a dirt path in the midst of jungle foliage. This lady was wearing makeup and heels while cycling in PU. So who's there to admire her [not very] pretty face? The lizards and the trees?

Another was a group of old ladies, sitting along the edge of the island, facing the sea, and singing. All these ladies, in a row, singing away. [slightly out of tune] And once again, we have no idea why. We don't even know what they were singing, seems to be a pretty out of tune scale.

Once we decided that our skin was scorched enough, [hello, skin cancer...] headed back to the town for some drinks, and very refreshing and cool coconut. Sigh...... Despite kampung appearances, btw, prices on Ubin are almost the same, if not more, than the mainland. Beware.

Other than that, PU is a pretty nice place to go once in a while. In the midst of the jungle, and admiring the quarry, you wonder what's so great about civilisation.

Tues: Read and stone.

Wed: Went back to NUSSUX to help Angie photostat some stuff for her research. The central library has been magically transformed from a dull, musty, place with books and papers to... a place that actually looks quite hip. The furniture is much nicer, and the lush, red armchairs are definitely more comfy. Hee. Note the one girl in the corner, reading Agatha Christie leisurely while everyone around is reading notes or typing furiously away at their laptops. :p

However, it's only the appearances that have changed. As I found out, the borrowing system remains the same, with the RBR books still being borrowed by the paper-down-a-slot method. Duh. Nice trappings, primitive systems.

And I got this. :) :) :)

My first piece of REAL software. Yea, that's it. REAL. As in, NOT PIRATED.

*gosh! gasp! shock! horror!* I ACTUALLY PAID FOR SOFTWARE.

Well, that's because of this offer which I decided to take advantage of. I didn't want to pay the pirate $10 for another stupid 30 day trial run. I like authentic software. I just don't like the price I usually have to pay for it. Bleah. But when it's affordable, why not? It's more stable, and actually has a guarantee of quality. That means if it breaks down, you can return it to the shop, and not have to hunt down some tattoo-ed gangster somewhere and risk getting leg and limb chopped off.

*hugs the CD* Real software......mmmmm.......

The cinch came in that I had to write down my name and matric no, in which I *innocently* wrote down my name and my old matric no. *whistles away as she leaves the store*

Other than that, NUS hasn't changed much. The bizad canteen gained an extra stall, and that's all I saw. Plus western food uncle's food is just as good. Mmmm....

Readingwise, I seem to be on an anti-religious mood, starting off with The Jesus Mysteries, [find it in the libraries if you can. It's... intriguing] and I, Lucifer, by Glen Duncan. It's written from the perspective of the Devil, and how God has given him a month in a human body. If he repents, he gets to go back to Heaven. If not......The writing is wickedly witty, and I love it. It makes me laugh at every paragraph, like this:

"Angels had pure spirit and a one-dimensional existence blowing smoke up the Divine Bottom morning noon and night. Man, apparently, was going to have the entire natural world, sentience, reason, imagination, 5 juicy senses and, according to the development leaked before the war, a get out of jail free card courtesy of Jimmeny Christmas [guess who] to be phased in not long before the fall of the Roman Empire with limitless retroaction."

OMG! *LOL* :)

K hungry now and time to get on with the rest of my life. Cya guys.

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