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Saturday, November 13, 2004

[insert] Check this out guys. Lemon Tree Guy isn't the biggest clown in the Idol competitions apparently...

Courtesy of Angie Pangie, who's just sent me an email with all the links. Thanks gal!

[end insert]

I hate it when I get a great idea.

And it hounds me day and night.

Refuses to let me sleep properly.

Until it gets released.

It's almost 2am, but I'm still fired up with creative energy. [curse you, muse. couldn't you hit me in the daytime instead?]

And I've come up with:

1 fully-working GTS website. [had to chope the space before someone else did. But won't release it in the blog until I feel it's time. :p Or that I can handle the drawing]

1 terrible cartoon [all lettered] with bad jokes

3 rough cartoon sketches

3 new GTS pix, here's one:

GTS shows off her best Bruce Lee impersonation.

My muse is like my cycle.... Calm most of the time... nothing forthcoming, and then without warning, *BAM!* !@#$%! And then calm again...

That's why when i get an idea, I go all out in the start..... and then it peters down....... *cue to balloon deflating*

Wonder how I keep this blog going......

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