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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I'm gleefully using the com while my bro is still at school, and my parents have just gone out. BLISS IS MINE!

Ok, this sounds nuts, but the house has not been at peace since my mom has been clearing her leave for the year. A house with one menopausal woman and one menstrual one does not a good house make, I'm sorry to say. (^^!) And plus I've gotten so used to doing stuff when no one's around, that it feels weird doing them when someone IS around. Ergh.

On the bright side, the excess time on my hands means I've gotten to do a lot of other kooky stuff, like:

1) More artwork and T-shirt designs, manga-based this time. Most of them... well, only exist as jpeg files and ideas in my head at the moment. Heh. [Shameless self-promo time: Click on Aki@Side7 link to check out what I've been doing with all my free time]

Also been browsing through the papers, and discovered a section in the classifieds for 'business opportunities'. Various stalls for rent are listed here. Hmm. Would try, but depleting bank account says no for the moment...... Although am realising that self would like to go into that direction in the future...

Incidentally, another cartoon that I did for GTS. To those in the know, the references should be obvious... :p

2) Trying to reconnect Dragonfly and myself with our Chinese heritage. Well, in the sense that I laughed my heart out watching him struggle to read a primary school Chinese textbook and he laughed his heart out watching me struggle to use a pair of chopsticks the proper way. Like, I din' even know I was using them the wrong way all these years!

Just as well realised that Daddy also used chopsticks the wrong way, so now I know who to blame...... :p

3) Making papaya smoothies. Found an old blender in the storeroom, and hit on the bright [yet insanely mad] idea of making papaya smoothies. Which brought on a whole list of problems.

First, when said blender was plugged in, nothing worked. Dad said he thought something must be wrong with the plug. [blender works on a 2pin plug]

Dad takes out wide array of baffling tools and dissects the 2pin plug with the precision of a brain surgeon.

"Er, if you do that, and it still doesn't work, can we still bring it back to the shop for repairs?"


"You sure?" He tugs apart the 2pin plug and the wire, and now tears the rubber casing off the wire, exposing the 2 wires underneath.


"Watever..." He takes apart another 3pin plug, and proceeds to screw in the 2wires to the fuses. [Ok, it seemed easy when he was doing it, but it's a little hard to explain here]

Having done that, he plugs in the new 3pin plug, switches on the power, and then switches on the blender.

Nothing works.

He switches off the power, on again, and then switches on the blender again.

Nothing works again.

At this point of time, I'm reading through the warranty card to see if it has already expired, while father fiddles with blender somemore. It turns out that one has to securely screw on cover in order for blender to work, and it was nothing to do with the plug after all. :p :p :P

All that trouble, for an overly thick cup of papaya juice..... hai..... [which incidentally I made sure EVERYONE in the house drank at least a cup, in compensation for my efforts in getting the thing to work, and cleaning up the mess later]

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