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Sunday, April 03, 2016


You might notice that the blog entry just before this one is about the River Hongbao festival, which I blogged about much earlier.

Here's what happened: Somewhere during February, I tried to toggle the layout of this blog and ran into some weird technical error, rendering the blog unreadable. 

Until today, I still have no idea what happened exactly.

I still wanted to blog, so I simply created another one [] to blog in. Which is where I've been blogging for the past 2 months.

Then when I checked my original blog yesterday, lo and behold, it has reappeared, hallelujah. But my pic is gone and the template is one of Blogger's basic templates.


It seemed a bit weird to have these 2 blogs, so what I'm going to do is to slowly cut and paste the previous entries back into my original blog every time I create a new blog entry. Think of it as living in a newly renovated house and slowly moving back the old furniture piece by piece. One day, eventually, we should all be living happily together again.


Anyway, it still doesn't change my focus on writing for this month, so as a reminder:

My Writing To-Do List
- Read the book each day, just like what I did with Big Magic.
- Write a story from Pocket Muse at least once a week. - Write in both my blogs at least once a week. 
- Start writing project. (Shhh, secret until I have done a few chapters)

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