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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Irritated at being late, stupid cab drivers

I find it incredible that I can wake up 2 hours early, leave house 1 hour early and still be late.

Heres the background story: I'm supposed to go for a course today near boon lay at 9. Thinking of saving money I took mrt for half the distance and tried to flag a cab in choa chu kang.

Big mistake. First, hardly any cabs at 830. I waited at the taxi stand, nothing. So I started to book a cab. At 835 they sent me confirmation of cab no. So far so good.

Then I waited and checked my phone. With the iphone app i checked the location of the cab and saw that it was stationary in another place. I started to realise Something was wrong so I called the hotline again.

Here's a few things about the whole thing that got me so irritated. First, granted that I'm not at the same spot as the taxi. Usually the taxi driver at this point either tries to confirm the customer location with the company or they call the customer. I've experienced this before with other taxis so I thought either company or taxi would call. What I got instead was an automated phone call telling me to go to my stipulated pick up location as cabby was waiting there.
Notwithstanding the fact that I'm already there!

Next irritating thing, when I tries to walk to the location where the taxi was as shown on my iPhone, stupid taxi actually drove past me with the On Call sign! I tried to wave he didn't see me. I called the hotline, they said he picked up another passenger!!

Now Eff it all if I wasn't already totally pissed off by this point. I'm late already, I called a cab that not only didn't find me but actually drove past where I was empty and stupid phone operator can tell me he's already picked up another passenger when I just saw him drive past empty!!

Come to think of it considering how I totally yelled at the operator over the phone, maybe they figured that for his own personal safety the cab driver shouldn't pick me at all in case I really railed at him in the cab...

Finally they got me another cab which found me, and I managed to reach the place, although late by 30mins. Luckily smooth road all the way and even though the other taxi didn't know the way I directed him with iPhone GPS. ( thank you Apple )

Really was damned pissed off at that taxi. Do NOT ever let me see that licence plate number ever! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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Mommy Krystal said...

why didn't u file a complaint since u had the taxi number and saw that he had driven off empty? in any case, he shouldn't have picked up someone else unless he was sure that u weren't around!