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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bad salad

In the interest of being healthy, I eschewed all the fried stuff at the takeaway counters and tried a takeaway salad stop that my friend was eating at.

They had a mix of salads and you could combine a few varieties into a tub. I chose 1 with mustard mayo, one with tuna and a hot one with tomatoes. And in order to know why I'm so unimpressed, you have to keep in mind the descriptions of the salads I ordered.

First the girl got my order wrong and scooped a rocket salad into my tub. Small mistake and anyway they were willing to give me a new tub.

Then I ordered a bottle of juice. Which they put into the bag of the customer behind me, who'd also ordered the same juice. Small mistake, and they were told off by that customer who told them to give it to me first because I was in front.

Then I realized the mustard mayo was so light as to have no mustard flavor at all. ( I've never eaten mustard mayo but I assumed the flavor of mustard, otherwise why the name? Correct me please if I'm wrong.)

Then the 'hot' pasta I ordered was cold. Not cool, as in formerly hot then cooled, but cold. As in never hot at all. -_-!!!

I sat in the basement looking at my miserable cold pasta, wondering why I was doing this to myself in the name of health. And then a smell wafted by and I saw people eating takeaways from Best Fries Forever, tubs of thick fries all smothered with savory sauces.

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