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Friday, November 21, 2008

blogging wirelessly

From my twitted box some may have guessed correctly that I am having
one he'll n I mean HELL of a time trying to go wireless. A summary of
problems is as follows:

1. I forgot the password to my wireless@sg account. Initial attempts
to sign up for a new account were disastrous. Everytime I made a
mistake, the login page just erased all info previously entered,
meaning I had to re-enter everything again... N after 3 tries I just
gave up.

N u know what was one alleged mistake? The salutation for god's
sake.... U mean I should have put myself as a Mr. instead???

2. When I had successfully signed up I tried logging on in a
library... N was told 'wrong user name'. This led to 10 different
permutations being tried till I realized all that was missing was
'@singnet' at the end of the username.......*pengs

3. After all that, still cannot log in!!!!! I had to change physical
location and try another network before I got in...

4. I can't type in Blogger!!!! *cries I really dunno why but I just can't!!!

Finally I'm down to typing this in Gmail and emailing it to my
blog.... I had other posts planned but now the only things I wanna
blog down are all the stuff that irritated me! Bwagh!

( wannabe digital nomads treat this as a caveat when u are trying to
get online outdoors.... Mobile broadband seems so tempting now...
Sigh... )

Getting all the slack I can...

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