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Saturday, May 10, 2008

data overload?

Was reading a back issue of Time mag recently where the tech writer
wrote an article about dangers of data addiction.

if you are part of the zombie multitude who simply must check email,
read blogs, update your own blog, and do these not just once a week or
twice but more like once every 2 minutes, yar, you a zombie horde foot
soldier yar.

ok, I'm no zombie foot soldier , but looking at his warning signs,
many of us are taking that dangerous step towards it already. We
already own some of the pretty niftiest wireless gadgets in the world.
we're pretty well-connected in wi-fi, judging by the number of
starbucks n coffee bean outlets with wireless, and the numerous other
buildings as well. Our generation grew with computer technology n now
we check email, write blogs n get music from the net with the ease of
an extra limb. By gosh, we're on the path of zombiehood.

Then I look at my poor blog, underfed, undernourished, gathering dust,
hoping for a smidgen of attention from me. Always longing but always
patiently waiting like the dog waits for its owner to come back after
school. I think that maybe it would benefit from a spot of indulgence.

And then I think of myself talking about my blog, a bundle of unfeeng
code, like an actual sentient being...... -_-! I might be more in this
than I thought......

Getting all the slack I can...

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