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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's not hot. It's simply sweltering.

Hot is one thing. Hot is what you lived with your entire life while living in a tropical city. But now, we have hot and we have no air circulation. That means the only wind in circulation is coming from either your air con or your industrial fan, which right now is blowing at me while I blog.

It's causing a sort of heavy heat fog to hang over the beloved city. Nowadays, you walk out into the street and you don't just feel the heat from the sun. No, not only that but you also walk into a layer of heat and humidity as you exit the building and run for the safety of either the air-conditioned bus or MRT train. Sometimes I feel as if I'm walking into a cushion of hot air when I leave the house or the bathroom, except this cushion isn't the soft cuddly kind I bring to bed at night.

*Sigh* Oh, for some rainfall........

And by the by, I still prefer living in this heat than in winter. In heat, I'm simply uncomfortable. In cold, I think I'll die............... or come pretty close to it.

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