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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 reasons why Thai women are not fat:

1. Eating dead spicy tom yam soup, green and red curry is a great [and tasty] way to burn calories. Good desserts like mango with sticky rice also ensures that you get your dose of vitamins. And don't worry. Fruits and fruit juice is relatively cheap, at around 10baht [50cent] for one serving in a bottle. And you get your daily servings of vegetables in mango and papaya salads. With such a diet, how not to lose weight?

2. Clothes are darn small. Go to a shopping mall, try asking for XL sizes, and you will understand the motivation behind losing weight in Thailand. Then again, if you make it a habit to go to large shopping malls to shop everyday, that's about 30 mins of cardio exercise just trying to shop from one end to another.

3. Major train stations have escalators. Others just have 2 storey high staircases that you have to walk up and down everyday to go to work, lunch and back home. That's at least 10-20 mins of cardio exercise everyday. Those in Singapore, I say, love your escalators.

My new buzzline: Love Your Escalators.


eastpaw said...

It's been a while. How're ya?

Regarding the cardio thing (though I know you kid), a couple of people in the fitness business have said that steady state cardio doesn't really do much for weight loss.

Details here:

Aki Tan said...

Its been a while alright! And about the cardio... well, treat it as a motivation tool cum placebo cum gratification tool [the feeling of 'at least I'm doing something']