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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

First up, Shinnen Omedetou Gozaimasu....... (^_^)/00 Those two last circles are oranges, if you just imagine a little bit more......

One thing I will certainly be grateful for are the friends in my life who are genuinely concerned for my well-being. This will come in useful if I am ever raped, kidnapped, or involved in a car accident.

Today, it being CNY eve, I left work at 1030 to go home. I had forgotten to charge my handphone the night before, so it was on precariously low batt mode, and I thought, well, leave it at home to charge, and then go get something to eat.

So I did. I went to J8 for lunch, lingered around the library, got a foot massage and then went home.

To find something like 4 SMSes all asking if I was still alive. And 3 missed calls from the same people who sent those SMSes.

It turns out Jules and Turt had called to see if I wanted to lunch together. And when they couldn't reach me, imaginations started flowing. Turt started worrying that I had been raped and left for death in some alley at, oh, a bright sunny 12 o'clock in the afternoon in the highly populated area of Bishan.

As I heard it later, the guys' concern [or hytsteria] apparently became pressing and they called Candle to ask if I was with her. But I wasn't, so Candle now had to call Yenn and DF to ask if I was with them. [Apparently Candle had to call DF, cos Jules was wondering what the real boyfriend would think if the fake boyfriend called him directly asking about the whereabouts of the missing real/fake girlfriend. Yes, I know. It sounds complicated enough even as I type it.]

And while the man[or rather, woman] hunt was going on, I was lying on a recliner chair reading a mag, while my feet were being kneaded by the masseur.

And then I go home and read some of the following SMSes: [amended from the originals]

Where r u? Turt thinks u've been raped or dead

Where r u now? E guys have been calling to look for u

And my favourite:

The others worried sick that cant get thru to you and called me... i was rushing marking and NOT at all worried... [Thanks............. I think...................]

Well, in a way I have to be thankful. At least I know if I ever really got into trouble, [fervently touching a plywood desk] there will be people who will try to hunt me down. Or rather, at least 2 of them will be anyway. :p

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