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Monday, February 04, 2008

Quick cookie bites:

- The roach 'toon I did a while back was actually requested for a story that this guy was doing online about Poverty Olympics. ( Certainly not the original intention of the cartoon ) Hey, I'm published! :p ( futile hopes of an aspiring starving artist )

- Watched Chesty-Nutty-Bang-Bang and Joja Wendt ( jazz pianist ) over the weekend. Chesty-Nutty was hilariously full of the duh-est brainless jokes I ever heard ( sometimes the brain just needs a break ) including a rendition of Rihanna's Umbrella done in Hokkien. That alone I think was worth watching the show for. :p

- Joja Wendt is one of the funniest, charmiest pianist that I ever watched on stage. Full of humour and numerous oblique-yet-not-so references to his overwhelming skill on the piano, this was a refreshing change from the usual staid penguins who usually perform on stage.

- If you've read Hellbound's blog, we're both hoping that we passed another Jap test by the skin on our teeth.

- Have joined Amore fitness with the intention of deflating the spare tyre, but instead ending up stretching muscles I never used, or never even knew existed, and generally wishing that I was dead.

That has to be all for now, 'cos I'm tired and tomorrow's just one more long day till the CNY weekend. Gong Hee all!

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