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Friday, February 22, 2008

Slacking at Starbucks

the first thing I have to do is give a hearty thanks to all who SMSed
me on the B-day. Thankee all... amazing the response u get when yr
bday is listed on your MSN... ;p

after the going-ons on the previous weekend though, the day itself was
pretty dead. I woke, I worked, and I went home. well, at least I put
in dinner with Jules n Turtle n then a haagen dasz dessert...

Birthdays get so mundane as we get older and I seem to be the only
person who finds that sad. everyone is like, "Yar, it's just another
day what..." huh? I can somewhat understand why though... when you
can't take an impromptu holiday on the day [I used to skip classes in
3 yrs of uni] then yeah it becomes another workday alright. [though I
have to admit, I was sorely tempted to take MC for once, but my
irritating integrity won out in the end. damn!]

when I meet responses like that, I always think: Why? why does it have
to be that way for us? Our ancestors used to celebrate birthdays
because that meant they had lived through another year of hardship and
pain, despite the odds. nowadays we still live through some kind of
hardship and pain [as anyone working a full time job can attest to]
but we would rather look forward to our physical release from life in
general than celebrate the fact that we are able to enjoy many more
days of our stint on earth.

to all who will celebrate your birthdays this year: make sure you buy
yourself a slice of your favourite cake. Or that new necklace you've
been eyeing. Or that dress that looks great on you but is too
expensive and you don't know how many times you'd wear it to make it
worthwhile. Heck, just do something to make yourself smile that little
bit. After all, if you have to go through all that work n hardship in
life, you may as well make yourself happy once in a while. ;)

this entry brought to you by wireless@sg at starbucks orchard. long
live free wireless! n green tea lattes!

Getting all the slack I can...

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