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Monday, January 07, 2008

Yes, I did get another expensive piece of frivolous technology, as some would call it. With some of my bonus, I got myself a pretty fun piece of bamboo.

But hey it does help. As you can see, I'm trying very hard to keep to my NY resolution of blogging and drawing more often [as opposed to my real need to, say, get a pile of marking done on time] , and [I think, I hope, I pray] that this'll help me keep to it. Well, make it easier a bit, I guess. No more fiddling with the little red nipple on my laptop or cussing at the scanner.

For this month's illustration and blog entry I slightly cheated [I suppose] and combined both to show my state of mind at the start of work again, after a month of rest:

I can do better, I know. Gimme time, it's only Jan. :p

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