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Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's easier to draw when you're just... drawing. It's easier to come up with images when you just let your pen move freely over the paper first, then worry about perfection later. When you try to make every stroke perfect from the start, that's when you get real problems when drawing. To allow the creativity to come out, you have to let it out in its unbridled form, rather than control the flow to a standstill.

This is evidenced when I tried an illust on Bamboo. The previous times, I had problems because I was still trying to make it come out with exactly the kind of lines that I wanted. This time, I simply let the pen flow first, and then made the adjustments later. I ended up with a style that looked alright, and yet had that rough, raw feeling to it.

Anyway, here is Feb's illust early, inspired by Yenn's taleban battles:

How she makes a mundane encounter with a cockroach sound downright epic is beyond me, but it's a great laugh. :p

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