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Saturday, January 05, 2008

One of the resolutions being to blog at least once a month, here's my contribution for this month:

Some of you probably read from Slayer's blog about the NYE stayover at Jubilee's house. Yea, it was great. :) No, I did not get wasted. No, I did not get drunk. No, I didn't fulfill stupid dares and go bartop dancing or kissing strange guys in the street or something or watch any erotic movies.

We just stayed at her place and played board games the whole night.

Somehow, I know there are some people who wouldn't quite believe that of me. Heck, even after typing it out, I don't even believe it myself!! ["You screwin' me or somethin'? You played Monopoly on NYE?? Oh get off my case you!"]

But it was fun. And what made it more fun was probably the simplicity of it all. A bunch of old friends together, with enough soft drinks and junk food to keep us well-fed through the night and enough board games for entertainment.

The high of the evening was getting locked in.

Before she left to church, [yes, I actually have friends who go to church. Regularly] Jubilee told me, "If you guys want to bathe, use the kitchen toilet. Keep this door closed, because of the heat from the heater. Aircon remotes are here, TV remotes are here, and if you want, lock the door from the inside but DON'T lock the gate, in case you guys need to get out."

And guess what I did right after she walked out. -_-!!! Yes, I LOCKED THE PADLOCK ON THE GATE.

It was such an unconscious action that I didn't even realise it myself, until Slayer needed to get out, and then something clicked inside me.

"I... think I locked the gate."

"You what?"

"Where's the key??"

"Er.... Jubilee has the key."

"You mean I can't get out???"


Slayer the actress-in-training tries the lock, tries several spare keys lying around to no avail, and then, faced with the possibility, no, reality of being locked in, rattles the gate, shouting, "HELP!!! I'M LOCKED IN!!! LET ME OUT!!!" And I have to pull her away before some well-meaning neighbour calls the police.

"Will you relax??"


Eventually, though, Jubilee does return, lets us out, before we really do get burned to death in her apartment. And yes, right after midnight, so we managed to cross into 2008 without being roasted.

Zen Lesson of the year: Do not be trapped in potential fire hazards.

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